Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Jumping Jack

Jumping Jack

        Jumping Jack is a really fun games for little ones ages 4 and up. My son is only 3 but he also loves Jumping Jack. The games has a bunch of carrots, baskets, a spinner, and of course Jack (the bunny) You place Jack in the middle of the mountain and all the carrots around him on the sides. Then you give each player a basket in the color of their choice, purple, orange, blue, or yellow. And then you start the game. The first player will use the spinner and either land on one or two carrots. If the player lands on one carrot then he or she will grab one carrot and place it into their basket. If the player lands on 2 carrots then they will pull out two carrots and place it into their basket and then it is the next players turn. If someone pulls out a carrot on their turn and Jack jumps into the air then they have to catch Jack, and if they do catch Jack then the game is over and they win.
       It is a really cute game and it is one of my sons favorites, your little one will not be disappointed with this game. Get yours at any Target store or check out their website below and buy direct and get information on what other stores sell this awesome game.
Jumpin Jack



I would like to tell you all about Poketti. Poketti is a cute 5.5 or 7.5 inch square plushie. There is a 3x4 plush lined back pocket with snap closure. You can use your Poketti to hold anything small such as your phone, glasses, small notebook or notepad, or other small stuff. The Pokettis are supe cute and my son loves his.The company was launched back in 2013 by two sisters Sydney and Tori. They were sweet enough to send this Poketti to us for review. These girls are so awesome that they even sent Poketti to kids that were affected by the Northern California fires. I really love what these girls do and what their company does, they are young professionals and they will continue to grow in their careers. The Poketti that is featured in this post is Sydney the penguin from series 2. There are 2 series. Series 1 and Series 2. If you would like to know more about Poketti and the awesome plushies that they sell you can check them out on instagram or on their website. 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

 Rubbery Pacifier Clip and Teether

This teether is made with non toxic 100 % silicone material. And the pacifier clip is made with High quality rust free non toxic ribbon. The clip is heavy duty strong and safe. It is safe on your babies sensitive developing teeth. I really like this one as the red star looks really nice and my son really likes how it looks too. He also likes how it feels and likes playing with it. It easily wipes clean but it is also dishwasher safe so you will not have to worry about it if it gets dirty. It is also really easy to connect a pacifier too. I really like how it doubles as both a teether and a pacifier clip. That is really cool. I think you will like it just as much as I do. I also think that it would make an awesome baby shower gift or gift for new parents since their little one will be teething before they know it. I have provided the link below so that you are able to check it out too.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Bailey The Bunny

Bailey The Bunny Plush by Baby Aspen

      The Bailey the Bunny Plush Plus with socks is a very cute plush bunny that comes with socks for your baby. Each Plush Plush is wearing one pair of socks and holding two pairs of socks in its hands. I think the bunny is very adorable. There are so many animals to choose from such as, Rusty the raccoon, Ryan the Lion, Fiona the Fox, Lily the elephant, Rosie the Unicorn, and many more. This plus is super soft and cuddly. It is priced at $29.00. This bunny has embroidered eyes and an embroidered nose and cute floppy bunny ears. Bailey is grey and has a white belly as well and white feet. The three pairs of socks are white, one pair of socks has circles, one pair of socks has polka dots and the third pair of socks has stripes and each pair says Baby Aspen on the bottom. The socks are size 0-6 months which makes this a perfect baby shower gift. 
      This plush is the perfect first friend for your little one, they will be bringing this bunny with them wherever they go as well as carrying it all over the house. My son is already in love with this bunny, he wanted it from the very first second that I opened the shipping box. You will not be disappointed when choosing this product.
       Baby Aspen has lots of other products for babies to choose from. They have prince and princess banks which are so pretty and nice. They have awesome baby clothes that look really cute and soft, They even have adorable bath robes and even swim suits. You can check out their website at the link below. 

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my honest review, all thoughts are my own.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Grey Bee Kids

Grey Bee Kids 

Grey Bee Kids is an awesome new company. They sell storage bins, storage cubes, and swaddles. They have have cute animal designs. The one that I chose to get is the racoon. He is super cute and I love him. This is a very durable storage bin and it can hold a good amount of stuff. These storage bins are made of a jute canvas material. These storage bins are 15 inches tall and 11 inches in diameter. Your little one will not be disappointed. You can use it to store toys, balls, even clothes. I am currently hiding a few early Christmas presents in mine. No matter what way you choose to use it, it will look so cute in your little ones room or nursery. It fits right in. I would recommend this product and I can't wait to try their other products. This storage bin is simply amazing.
You can get yours at the link below 

Woman Up Box

Woman Up Box

I'm So Happy It's Happy Hour By Anne Taintor $14.95
I think this is a great book to have for girls night. It is nice and colorful and I love how it looks. This book contains drink recipes but it also has a good sense of humor.  

Druzy Bangle Bracelet - $15 
This beautiful sparkly Bangle Bracelet is lightweight and absolutely gorgeous. I love the color and how beautiful it is, pictures do not do it justice. It is from a seller on etsy called Designs by Katie Leigh. It is perfect to wear on datenight, to a birthday or even to a wedding. It also comes with a small pouch to store it in.

Germack Salted & Roasted Fancy Mixed Nuts $7.00
I love mixed nuts, pecans are my favorite so I was happy that this nut mix contains pecans. These nuts come in a 9 oz bag and are perfectly salted. And I love how it does not contain peanuts as most companies that sell mixed not seem to contain over 50% peanuts, so this is a nice change. This particular mix has cashews, almonds, filberts, brazil nuts, and mammoth pecans. This is a great mix and I like it a lot. 

Flamingo Drink Coasters $14.00
These flamingo coasters are very festive and remind me of summer. They come in a boxed set of 12. They measure 4 inches. They are made with heavy weight poster stock and are reusable but not permanent. I find them to be pretty sturdy and believe they will last a long time.

Peppermint Foot Rub $13.00
This Peppermint foot rub is made with organic safflower, organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, organic Lavender essential oils, as well as other organic ingredients. It smells great. This peppermint foot rub blends organic arnica and lavender with organic mint, which is none to cool and energize. They both have pain relieving and anti inflammatory powers. If you had a long day or need to relax then you will love this product, just massage this into the sore areas on your feet and it will leave them feeling nice and refreshed. It really does leave your feet rejuvenated.  

Festive Green Striped Straws $4.50
I love these, they are just so cute. As soon as I opened the package my son got super excited and asked for them so I am going to have to share. I love straws and I use straws everyday in my home so I will definitely be using these. 

The value of this box is $63.95 + The bonus Festive Green Striped Straws at $4.50 gives this box an overall value of $68.45

Use Code REVIEWGIRL10OFF to get $10 off your first box.

Sunday, August 27, 2017



Pearachute is a new company to the SF Bay Area. Pearachute is also in places such as Chicago and Fort Worth. It is very similar to Little Lane. Those of you that have had Little Lane may have heard of Pearachute. Little Lane is now closed and no longer exists and Pearachute has similar classes as well as a lot of the same companies that were on Little Lane. Some classes/companies that you can book on Pearachute are, Destination Art, My Gym, Junior Gym, Fit 4 mom, Imagination Playhouse, Peek Boo Factory, Play Haven, La Petite Playhouse, Peek a doodle kids club, Rockin Tots, Seesaw, creative canopy, Bumble, Super Soccer star, Scribble me happy and more. This is perfect for anyone who wants to take the children out to play, for example My Gym is 1 class a week plus free play and you may not want to commit to that but you can join Pearachute and drop in to My Gym once a month or whenever you want. Most places you can only attend 3 times a month. So if you want to go to My Gym or Playe Haven 3 times a month you can. I really liked Little Lane and I hope that Pearachute it great too. Right now you can try Pearachute for free, You will get 4 credits so you can attend 4 different drop in events such as a day at Play Haven or La Petite Playhouse. The options are endless. Did you have Little Lane? Have you tried Pearachute yet? What do you think about the closure of Little Lane and the opening of Pearachute? Let me know in the couples below. And don't forget to claim your free month below.

If you would like to try Pearachute, click the link before for a free month. It will cost you 0.00.
Free Pearachute

Pearachute Pricing: 4 credits/month $39.99 9 credits/month $79.99 30 credits/month $199
5 Flex credits $59.99 10 Flex credits $99.99